Novanexia supports you in the financing and
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Our recent winning clients on EIC Accelerator:
Corwave, obtained funding in January 2021 for a ground-breaking technology against heart failure – the first company in Europe to welcome the European Commission into its capital.
Abbelight, financing of a super-resolution microscopy technology that transforms the future of imaging.
Demeta, funding the launch of NexTene™ in the energy market, a high-performance material with a low carbon footprint.

In 2022 boost your innovation with HORIZON EUROPE Program

The overall objective of the new EIC programme 2021-2027 is to identify, develop and deploy high risk innovations of all kinds, with a particular focus on breakthrough, market-creating and deep-tech innovations. It aims to support the rapid scale-up of innovative technologies and companies along the way from ideas to market, transitioning Europe to a green, digital and healthy society.

Novanexia supports you to build and design your winning project proposals in sync with your business strategy. We support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, universities and research organisations to obtain funding from the Horizon Europe programme. We are recognised for our high level of expertise in the EIC Accelerator, and we aim to deliver the same level of expertise for the new EIC Pathfinder and Transition instruments.
The EIC Accelerator supports high-risk, high-potential SMEs and start-ups, with the potential to create new markets or disrupt existing ones in Europe and worldwide. This program focuses on scientific discoveries or technological breakthroughs, an area where significant funding is often required to scale up, whereas these innovations are too risky to attract sufficient funding.

The EIC Accelerator seeks to support companies where the EIC funding will make the company attractive to other investors necessary for the scale up of their innovation.
  • Single European company: SME, ‘small mid-cap’ (under conditions)
  • High-risk, high-potential innovation
  • The technology component of the innovation must have been tested and validated in a relevant environment (Technology Readiness Level 5/6+)
  • Technical & business analysis
  • Short application preparation and submission
  • Full application preparation and submission
  • Face-to-face interview coaching
  • Equity & grant negociations prior to agreements
  • Project management after agreement
The EIC Accelerator provides a unique combination of funding from €0.5M to €17.5M, which consists of:
  • €2.5M maximum of grant component, to reimburse eligible costs incurred for innovation activities (demonstration, prototyping, R&D, testing, IP, etc.)
  • €0.5M to €15M of investment component (Equity or Convertible Notes), to finance market deployment, scale-up and other purposes including innovation activities.
This program also provides, in addition to funding, free access to a wide range of Business Acceleration Services.

About us

Novanexia is an Innovation Financing and Management consulting firm. A market leader in France, owing to both its prominent presence with an outstanding number of submitted applications since 2015 and its performance, having led 40 companies to obtain funding under the Horizon 2020 programme.
Trusting us means witnessing your innovations develop and get financed. For the Horizon 2021-2027 programme, our tried and tested approach consists of 3 key steps:

Picto du service conseil innovation financement

Analysis and definition of your financing needs

You will be advised on the most suitable EIC financing tool: Pathfinder, Transition or Accelerator. Our team assesses your success potential according to the European Commission’s eligibility criteria, by examining your Business Plan, the maturity level of your innovation, and the commitment of your team.

Picto du service conseil innovation organisation

Elaboration of your project proposal

Novanexia provides you with expert support on all Horizon Europe programmes: EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition and EIC Accelerator.

  • EIC Pathfinder (TRL 1 to 4) to support the validation of your proof of concept, within the scope of a project involving at least 3 European countries
  • EIC Transition (TRL 4 to 5/6) to support the development of your technology, in preparation for future commercialisation
  • EIC Accelerator (TRL 5/6 to 8+) to finance the scale up of high-risk, high-potential disruptive innovations
  • Picto du service conseil innovation management

    Project management

    Novanexia provides you with invaluable EIC expertise throughout your project – before, during and after its submission.

  • Registration and submission
  • Grant Agreement signature with the European Commission
  • Contractualisation of the capital investment
  • Management of funded projects
  • Domains and skills

    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur santé


    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur environnement


    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur des mobilités du futur

    Futur Mobility

    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur agroalimentaire


    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur énergie propre

    Clean Energy

    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur ingénierie avancée

    Advanced Engineering

    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur spatial


    Conseil en innovation dans le secteur révolution digitale

    Digital Revolution

    Our team

    Photo de Nicolas Evain

    Nicolas Evain

    Founding Associate

    Nicolas is President of NOVANEXIA which he co-founded in 2015 with Gordana Cerovic.  Nicolas strives to make NOVANEXIA consultants true "sparring partners" of the innovative companies they support. He constantly develops the team's expertise by perfecting methodologies adapted to define the business model and allow start-ups to grow. In this way, he gives them access to selective European funding. He stimulates the team's creativity and energy, which allows NOVANEXIA to be "one step ahead" and to be one of the French leaders on the European instrument EIC Accelerator (H2020 then Horizon Europe). His preferred field is engineering, where he has led key research programs in information and security systems for the THALES Group.

    Photo de Gordana Cerovic

    Gordana Cerovic, PhD

    Founding Associate

    Doctor in molecular biology with more than 25 years of experience in R&D management of SMEs, Gordana has held the position of Scientific Director at the biotech company Genewave. Throughout her career, she has organised and managed French and European R&D projects. In 2015, she co-founded the company Novanexia with Nicolas Evain, with whom she shares the same talent for challenging the order of things and carrying breakthrough ideas with conviction. Coming from the world of research, Gordana stands out for its scientific rigor and its concern for efficiency, which she has passed on to all her collaborators, providing them with a working structure.

    Eve Lepicard, PhD

    Senior Innovation Consultant

    Eve LEPICARD has been an academic neurobiologist for more than 10 years and then scientific director in the private sector where she has supervised numerous preclinical and clinical research projects in France and worldwide, with thirty scientific articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. As an expert in R&D management in health and Life sciences, she brings her expertise to large industrial groups and SMEs. For Novanexia, she provides guidance to innovative project leaders in the valorisation of their concept and associated products, the design and management of their project within a global strategic vision.

    Frédéric Duvauchelle

    Senior Innovation Consultant

    Frederic has 30 years of experience in management of Biotech and Food SMEs. He has been the CEO of companies in the USA and France, and global director of business for a Belgian Group and Sanofi. He has always defined and implemented strategies based on innovation to change the game. His area of expertise is to scale up business and create added value with a focus on commercialisation and industrialisation. Today, he supports our clients in the setting up and management of Horizon Europe projects.

    Photo d'Adam Muller

    Adam Muller

    Innovation Consultant

    Adam is a graduate of Political Sciences, specialising in European Affairs and European Project Management. With his scientific background and science political training, Adam combines technological knowledge with his strong analytical and writing skills. Concerned by disruptive medical technologies and innovations in ecology, Adam is a driving force and assists Novanexia's clients in the fields of Life Sciences and Green Sustainable Innovations.

    Kim-laï Michel

    Innovation Consultant

    Kim-Laï is an Innovation Consultant in the engineering team at Novanexia. She is an engineer specialised in Materials, with a double expertise in Innovation Management from IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School. She brings her energy and expertise on cross-functional projects, in the fields of health or transport, and in those of energy and sustainable development. Kim-Laï is determined to support and see tomorrow's European innovations become reality.

    Marie-Charlotte Firobind

    Innovation Consultant

    Consultant at Novanexia in the Life Science team, Marie-Charlotte holds a Master's degree in Biotechnologies from Sorbonne Université, followed by a double-competence in Innovation Management from IAE de Paris. She has several experiences in academic and private research in immunology, in cell and tissue engineering, and also in project management. She participated in the worldwide synthetic biology competition iGEM in 2018 as a communication officer, and worked for one year in marketing as a medical device and diagnostic test product manager in a SME.

    Marie-Claire Heng

    Junior Innovation Consultant

    Marie-Claire is an engineer in electronics and computer science from Polytech Sorbonne. After a major in AI and computer ethics at Politecnico di Milano, she joined Novanexia as an Innovation Consultant following her formation at the IAE of Paris. With a strong background in disruptive technologies, she brings her expertise to the engineering team to support new innovative projects.

    Rudgy Pain

    Junior Innovation Consultant

    Rudgy is a graduate of the Sorbonne University where he trained in Life Sciences, which he completed with a Master's degree in Pharmacy dedicated to drug development. Currently, he completes a Master's degree in Innovation Management at IAE Paris Sorbonne and works at Novanexia as a junior consultant specialised in biotechnology and health projects.

    Prisca-Joséphine Sanusi

    Junior Innovation Consultant

    An Innovation Consultant within the Life Sciences team at Novanexia, Prisca is passionate about innovations in oncology, non-invasive medical devices and novel bio-therapeutics. With a strong background in biotechnology, business and entrepreneurship, backed up with a Master’s degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Sorbonne University, she accompanies several deep-tech companies in their search for European funding.

    Photo de Patrick Cornet

    Patrick Cornet

    Innovation Consultant Expert financement

    Patrick CORNET, with an initial training in Business Law & Corporate Finance, has been in charge of the international accompaniment of innovative companies within the Innovation Department of Bpifrance. In 2010, Patrick was mandated by the public authorities to represent France within the EUREKA international network (Brussels) as National Coordinator. As a former European National Contact Point, he has also implemented measures to facilitate access to European funding for start-ups. Today, he assists our clients in their applications for European funding.

    Photo de Florence Teurck Responsable Administrative et Financière

    Florence Teurcq

    Administrative and Financial

    Graduate from EM Normandie, Florence started her career in management control and financial forecasting in the PSA group. She then managed major projects as a project manager for different divisions of the group. Florence created a human services company that she developed for ten years before selling it to a franchise network. As a member of Novanexia, she is in charge of administrative and financial management. Her versatility allows her to be a source of proposals for the development of Novanexia.

    Adrien Foyer

    Business Development and Customer Relationship Manager

    Adrien holds a Master's degree in Economics, specialising in "Engineering of Entrepreneurial Projects" which he completed with a course in Marketing Strategy and Business Development at EM Normandie. Currently in charge of Novanexia's business development and customer relationship management, Adrien has a very good knowledge of European funding instruments and the French innovation ecosystem.  He leads webinars and brings Novanexia's analysis and expertise.

    Photo Kévin Plouchart

    Kévin Plouchart

    Responsible for monitoring and managing project proposals

    Kévin is a graduate of the Sorbonne University where he followed a training in Biotechnologies dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Bronze medal winner of the iGEM 2015 competition within the Institut Pasteur team, and former assistant research engineer at the Pitié-Salpétrière, he has participated in the development of several scientific projects. Kévin is currently in charge of the management and follow-up of project proposals submitted to the European Commission.


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